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We support the creation of partnerships between all the involved players, from fans to companies; we work to exploit their union and interaction and we make their relationship work at its best.

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If athletes are the protagonists on the field, supporters are the heart of what happens around it.
Fan entertainment enhances fans’ emotion by making every sport event special and unique for them, with the aim of leaving unforgettable memories of what the club and sponsors have created for them.

It improves the fans’ experience, providing fun, excitement and longing around every sport event.

We proud ourselves of our passion in strengthening fans’ emotion since Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games.


We provide consultancy services to entities that invest in sport – which is a powerful tool to reach many objectives.
Starting from a scenario analysis we apply a strategy that is tailor-made according to objectives, target, and budget.
We are able to offer a strategy package that goes from idea, to execution and result monitoring.


It is at the very heart of the sport business as a common ground between right holders and companies that invest in sports. We have a distinctive approach for the development of new partnerships: we match two realities that are good for each other and we support them throughout the entire process. We cherish their individual integrity, but we give special importance to the result of their union, which represents the product that needs to be communicated and activated.

We never lose focus of this “new product” and we constantly monitor the development and the effectiveness of the sponsorship’s strategy as well as the ROI for the Sponsor.

An eye to the future also allows us to match trends and clients’ needs in order to create new and dedicated sport formats, both mass and media events, that our partners can tailor made upon request.


When pure creativity meets sport expertise, brands and partnerships are efficiently communicated and no detail is left behind. Curiosity, research, and trend analysis are our weapons to face every project and guarantee a new perspective every time.

Our creative approach is at the service of our contents, with the aim of finding the right way to tell a story and send messages. Furthermore, it is applied to a constant research of new technological and digital tools, which guarantee our clients an effective engagement of different targets.

Sport Event

From ceremonies to spectator services or fan entertainment, we have resources and competences to make the sport events come to life and to manage the place where this happens.

We know how to make the spectators feel like they are part of the show and how to create memorable experiences. We know the rules and the procedures, but most importantly we share the fans’ passion for sport events, making it possible for us to create a once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere that encourages people to spend time inside the venue.

Creative concept, top-notch technology, sound effects, spectacular light shows, actors, performers, volunteers, are what make this possible, and we know how to manage all this.